GDR 9: Use On-Pack Recycling Instructions

Include recycling or reuse instructions on consumer plastic packaging¹

This high-level rule allows companies to implement the rule according to what is possible in different markets.

Consumers have a key role to play in ensuring packaging is sorted for the appropriate end-of-life solution; clear and accurate on-pack recycling instructions can increase the chances that this role is fulfilled.

There are a growing number of initiatives developing guidelines for on-pack recycling instructions working towards a standardised and accurate way of communicating recycling and reuse instructions to consumers in different markets.


All consumer plastic packaging: ‘Consumer’ packaging is packaging likely to end up either in the household waste stream or disposed of by consumers during consumption outside the home.

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Notes: 1) Instructions should reflect the local conditions. Companies should continue to work at the local level to determine the most accurate way to reflect this in each country.